Monday, May 4, 2009

About KayB's Cakes

Hey there, come on in. It’s great to see you!
I’m Kimberley, but you can call me KayB. Welcome to my blog. I started writing KayB's Cakes in 2009 after I accidentally fell in love with marshmallow fondant and cake decorating.

I love baking. I love cooking. And I love when my creations not only taste nice, but look fantastic! My cooking skills are all self taught, but I have studied a short course in cake decorating (check out the 'Fun with Fondant' icon to the left for full tutorials on all my cakes).
I have a Bachelor of Communications from UWS, where I learnt about public relations, advertising, marketing and journalism. I now spend my days as a publicty and events coordinator.

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia (I think Sydney is the best city in the world). I also enjoy Melbourne. In a past life I was a singer and drama teacher. I love Vietnamese and Italian food. I am pigeon toed. I watch American sitcoms such as Scrubs, Community and New Girl. Thunderstorms are best enjoyed under a blanket with a good movie. I dislike reading the Telegraph, and I have a horrible fear of flying. I’d marry my iPod Touch if it were legal.  
Here you’ll find a collection of my culinary triumphs, downfalls and general life experiences. Depending on my mood, I’ll write about cake designs, how to’s, reviews, and recipes. Happy reading!

A statement from The Oxford Dictionary Society regarding recent changes, effective 9th October 2009.

In our ever changing world we are sometimes required to make amendments to the meanings of various words. In has recently been brought to our attention that the meaning for a few... words have to be changed.
The new definition now reads:

Bliss (adj) - a state of uncontrollable euphoria that can only be experienced upon the full or part consumption of a KayB cake.
Torture (verb) - the infliction of pain to an individual caused by the withdrawal or unfulfilled desire of a KayB cake.
Perfluminus (adj - derivative of the words perfect and luminous) the apparent presence of a luminous glow (much like a halo) that surrounds an object of pure perfection. The only recorded examples being from viewers of a KayB cake

Hopefully these new changes can help us better articulate the true meaning of great language.

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