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Happy 7-Eleven Day - Epic adventures and free slurpees

Saturday was ‘7-Eleven Day’, one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever created, because it means free slurpees for everyone! This momentous occasion occurs every year on the 7th day of the 11th month. The only requirement to claim your free slurpee is that you must say ‘Happy 7-eleven day’ when you enter the store. It’s one slurpee per person, per store. So, obviously the best way to get the most out of your slurpee day is to hit up as many 7-Elevens as possible

I didn’t participate in 7-Eleven day last year, but my best friend (we’ll call her Moon) did. She managed to get around to 9 locations. We were determined to better this number.

The plan - 4pm on Saturday, myself, Moon and D-gale would head out with the intention of making out way to at least 11 different stores. And all before 7pm! The excitement of the day couldn’t stop me, as I was dying for a slurpee come 11am. One little slurpee wont impede on the days performance, will it? So off to Sutherland 7-Eleven and this is what I find...

('Broken' Machines at Sutherland)

Devastated! All four machines were out of order. I find this a little suspect, and not in the true spirit of 7-Eleven day! I will NOT be going back, ever!

(First slurpee of the day)

I had to wait till 4pm, but it was totally worth it! First stop, Georges Hall. Up to the counter we head and proceed to wish the store attendant a ‘Happy 7-Eleven day!’ He hands us the almighty orange cup. And we’re off and running. I opt for a traditional raspberry flavour, good way to start the day. Three sips in and D-gale cries out in pain ‘Brain freeze, brain freeze!’ Epic fail.

(D-gale's brain is freezing)

Next stop, Moorebank. The one simple rule that is laid out prior to starting is that you must finish your current slurpee before arriving at the next destination. This proved to be a big fail as both Moon and I attempted to chug our slurpees when we spot the red, green and orange of the Moorebank store. But we learnt fast! In we go to claim our second orange cup, and head to the machines to see what is on offer. We spot a new sports slurpee – berry ice flavour with electrolytes. D-gale gets straight into this one because, well, he’s an athlete and needs all the electrolytes he can get (at least that’s what he tells himself). Moon contemplates the added energy option for a moment, “Do I really need electrolytes this early in the game?” We decide not.

(Flavour of the day - Kiwi Strawberry!)

Off again and we hit up Bankstown and Penshurst (flavour picks for these locations were Lemon Lime Vanilla – imagine a sour warhead in liquid form! – and a mostly liquid/melted cola, disappointing from Penshurst).

(Moon out front of the Bankstown store)

Next stop is Hurstville, but as D-gale directs from the back seat, and Moon promises us that it’s just up the end of the street; we discover that the Hurstville store is no more! Outrage becomes us! But we press on.

Cronulla would have to be my favourite stop of the day. The place was teeming with young kids, old kids, big kids etc. And the store featured the friendliest staff I’ve ever come across. I walk in, camera in hand and the store attendant asks if my pictures will be in the newspaper. If only, but he does like the idea of being featured on the internet and suggests a photo of him posing in front of the slurpee machines.

(D-gale and the lovely/over excited Cronulla store attendant)

My second favourite is Caringbah. The store was decorated in orange, green and red streamers and handmade posters that are very welcoming. Good to see people getting into the spirit of 7-Eleven day!

(Home made art at the Caringbah store)

We’re running short on time so we decide to bypass Sutherland for fear of the machines still being ‘broken’ and wasting time. We’re off to the Rockdale store, but D-gale is a little concerned because our list doesn’t have a proper address for the Rockdale store. Heading down Rocky Point Road, we’re all buzzing from the copious amount of sugar, a beacon shines up ahead. We see the glorious red, orange and green of an unaccounted for 7-Eleven – Ramsgate.

(Moon, over excited and jacked up on sugar at the Ramsgate store)

The Ramsgate store came in very handy, as we couldn’t locate the Rockdale store. Fearing we will waste more time searching for it we decide to head onto Bexley. A quick toilet and food pit stop, then we arrive at our second last destination. The store attendant makes each of us wish him a ‘Happy 7-Eleven Day’ before handing over the magnificent orange cups.

(Moon "and so far today I've drunk this many slurpees!!")

Finally, we’re off and racing to our last stop, Narwee. It’s a glorious moment as we pull up to the front of the store. And I’m delighted to find cute, hand drawn signs informing customers that they must say ‘Happy 7-Eleven Day’ before they can have their free slurpee. I finish the day as I started, with a classic raspberry flavour.

3.4 litters and 3 1/2 hours later we are finished. 9 slurpees down, we didn’t quite get to the double digits we wanted but still a fair effort.

And now, I’m putting out the call to all of you. Put the date in your diary (it's easy to remember, 7/11/10) because I’m looking to travel in a convoy of cars to at least 10 locations. This year you could go in the running to win a year’s supply of slurpees (if you can look at another slurpee again) just by wearing one or all of the 7-Eleven colours and taking a picture of yourself with your free slurpee. I think a convoy of cars decked out in orange, green and red will come close to a win. And if not, at least we have helped to spread the love that exists between a person and their slurpee.

Store Locations

Georges Hall
689 Henry Lawson Drive & Tower Road Georges Hall
PH: 02 9791 1153

102 Heathcote Road
PH: 02 9600 6054

122 Old Town Centre Plaza
PH: 02 9790 419

612 Forest Road (Cnr. George Street)
PH: 02 9580 2181

47 The Kingsway (Cnr. Gosport Street)
PH: 02 9527 1217

367 The Kingsway (Cnr. Willarong Road)
PH: 02 9525 9392

368 Rocky Point Road
PH: 02 9529 6940

474 Forest Road
PH: 02 9502 2186

161 Penshurst Road (Cnr. Hannans Road)
PH: 02 9153 7461

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