Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chocolate pasta - Reality or fantasy?

The Boy and I recently celebrated seven glorious years together. “But KayB, you are so young and virile to have had such a long relationship” you might be thinking. Well, yeah. I am young, still. Virile? I do like to think I wear the pants in my/our relationship! So, yes. You are correct. But basically, we are high school sweethearts. Cuteness, huh! And check out what he got me!
I frickin’ love Russian dolls, and these are super cute. Hehe, check out the doll on her head full of cheese. Wicked.
Not only did I score some super sweet culinary presents for our anniversary, but it was also a great excuse to have a mini break. Off to Narooma we voyaged! 
Narooma is about 5 hours south of Sydney, and if you’ve ever ventured down the gorgeous south coast of NSW, then you’ll know all about the quaint little country towns that you must stop at along your roadtrip. And the best part about these quaint little towns - the lolly shops! Whoooo! 
Browsing the shelves of the Old Time Lolly Shop Mogo, there is all the usuals that you’d expect. Boiled lollies, chocolate coated honeycomb, licorice bullets, toffee apples, HOLY S**T, IS THAT CHOCOLATE PASTA!!!?? Yup. It is. 
A month later, research for this article completed, and I have discovered that chocolate pasta isn't all that unusual. There are plenty of recipes online for chocolate pasta. Intriguing..
I’m back home and thinking there is a good chance I will have to spread the amazingness that is chocolate pasta. Dinner turned into dessert, equals amazing, right? I enlist the aid of by two besties, Moon and BecFace, to help me pass judgement over this dinner/dessert wonder.
After a quick hot chocolate and the unanimous decision that cold custard would be the best accompaniment, we’re boiling the water. BecFace and I nibble on a dry piece of pasta, far too eager to wait until it’s ready. BecFace is anxious with anticipation as the pasta boils, bouncing around in the kitchen. Moon, however is a little more apprehensive. Perhaps it’s because her wisdom teeth are causing her grief this particular day, or perhaps she somehow already knew what judgement we would be passing down upon the dessert pasta.
Out comes the pasta, on goes the custard and into our mouth’s it goes. 
Hmmm. Ok? Ahh well..
If you shut your eyes, clear everything from your mind and concentrate on dulling all your other senses so your sense of taste is heightened, then yes I guess you could argue that the taste of coco slightly comes through. Otherwise it just tastes like plain old, regular pasta. Perfectly al dente pasta, but just pasta none the less. 
I was disappointed, BecFace was shattered, Moon was.. well, actually she wasn’t too traumatised by the whole experience. 
Even Miss LuckyB spat it out. And hey, I love pasta, I ain’t one to be hating on the pasta. But this seriously just tasted like regular pasta with custard on it. Moon and I actually couldn’t even finish the bowl. On the plus side, I guess you could also argue that we’d just discovered a cheap dessert option for students/dole bludgers. Buy yourself a cheap bag of no frills pasta and whack some custard on it! But at $9.95 for a 250gram bag of chocolate pasta, it just isn't worth it!

Old Time Lolly Shop Mogo
Opposite Fire Station, 
1 Tomakin Rd, Mogo
NSW, 2563
(02) 4474 4121


  1. I love those Russian Doll cups too! :D Hehe at head full of cheese comment :P You know I think I've ohly tried sweet pasta a couple of times in my life and it wasn't too bad from memory! :)

  2. mm so really? they werentthat nice? they do sound a bit of a rip off ...

  3. Chocolate Pasta is great, especially with Ice Cream and mixed fruit. The key is to cook the pasta in exactly the same way as you would cook normal pasta. Putting sugar in the water of course instead of salt.