Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pancake Sunday - have you ever eaten a giraffe?

My best friend Moon is awesome. She makes me awesome mixed tapes. She shows me awesome things. She takes me awesome places. She also introduced me to the awesome blog, Jim's Pancakes

Basically, Jim makes really amazing pancakes for his gorgeous daughter, Allison. And by amazing I don't mean taste wise (although I'm sure they also taste fantastic), I mean they are amazingly designed!

Moon and I were inspired. We had to try this ourselves, surely it can't be that hard?

It's all about the preparation. Draw your design on some paper first, because fry pans don't come with a rubber for mistakes. Then get your best friend to shake the pancake batter. Then you also better shake the batter. The grab your sweet chilli sauce for.. wait, no, that isn't right! First wash out your 'squeeze' bottle throughly. This will be your drawing tool! Fill the bottle full of batter and go to town.

And here is what we came up with.. First cab off the ranks, Mr Giraffe. He tasted great in my belly.

First 'squeeze' bottle the outline.
Then fill in the blanks with coloured pancake batter (you can just spoon this in). 
Then flip it over. This may take two people, or at least two egg flips and some skill.
Or how about a Lion? RAAAAHHH!

Or a shark.. CHOP CHOP CHOP.

I think this is my favourite.. PAC MAN!

And last but not.. well yes, actually, last BUT least is Moon's final creation. If you can correctly guess what she was aiming to create then you win the satisfaction of being a winner. Hurray! What a fabulous prize.

Mmmmmm yum, strange looking pancake. Is it Sunday yet? I'm ready for more pancakes!


  1. Oh my god - that's inspired, LOVE the giraffe!

  2. hmm i dunno what the creation is but i super love the pac mans and the giraffe!

  3. I love that blog. All your creations look great and Jim-professional!


  4. its a crappy penguin/angel

  5. aha! Best idea ever! Love the giraffe :D looks perfect

  6. This is hilarious and of course a fab idea for kids! You did a great job for a first effort. I can't draw that well with pencil and paper :)

  7. This is so very fun, cute idea.
    I highly doubt i'd want to eat them once I'd made them.

    I'm Laura, I'm new here.
    I'm in Sydney also.

  8. I don't even like pancakes, but I would totally eat these :P