Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic and Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Food bloggers, Assemble! Now all I need is a giant horn or seashell to blow on and the team will come a running!

The second annual Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic took place this weekend in the gorgeous Centennial Park. 50 plus foodies ventured out from behind their slr’s and macbooks with food and Kris Kringle presents in hand to celebrate the silly season together. 

Big shout out to Suze and Helen for organising the picnic. Two very proactive ladies in the blogging community, without who we probably wouldn't have so many wonderful opportunities to catch up with new and old friends. We ate, we drank and we were merry. 
I went cliche with my plate of food.. mini mudcakes with Christmas themed toppers. Let’s learn how to make them, shall we?

(Apologies for the horrific photos, my camera decided to die as I was making the toppers, so these photos are from my camera phone!). 
You will need:
Fondant - light pink, green, red and white colours.
Circle cutter (2 1/4 inch)
Piping tip (any type)
Small knife
Rolling pin
Veining tool (or tooth picks)
Water and paint brush
Blue gel colouring and tooth pick
Roll out your pink fondant and cut out circles for the elves and Santa faces.
For the Santa.. thinly roll out white fondant and use circle cutter to cut out rounds for Santa’s beard. Still using your circle cutter, cut away 2 thirds of the circle, keeping the smaller portion for his beard. With a little bit of water, attach the beard to the lower half of Santa’s face.

Next, roll out two small balls of white fondant for Santa’s moustache. Flatten the balls with your index finger, then pinch one side to form a teardrop shape. Repeat on second ball.
Using a small amount of water, attached to the top of Santa’s beard.

For his nose, roll out a small amount of pink fondant and attach with water right above his moustache.

Santa’s hat.. Thinly roll out your red fondant, and using your small knife cut out triangles, I made mine two inches wide at the base, and three inches high. 

Attach the triangle so it is just above the ends of Santa’s beard. Using a toothpick, gently fold the corner of his hat over and attached a small white ball of fondant to the point.

Thinly roll out the remaining white fondant and cut small strips for the trip on Santa’s hat (no measurements sorry, I just eyeballed it).
Use the blue gel and toothpicks to give Santa a couple of eyes.
For the Elves.. very similar except for the ears and mouth. Start with the hat, same size as Santa’s but use the green fondant. Attached as previously mentioned.
Roll two small balls of pink fondant, and flatten and pinch as you did with Santa’s moustache. Finish the ears by using your veining tool or toothpick to mark shallow indents down the  middle of the ears. Attach over the hat.
Roll a small balls of pink fondant and give him a nose, then use the large end of your piping tip to imprint a smile on his face. Use the blue gel to give him some eyes, and you’re done! Leave to dry for a few hours and attach to the top of some cupcakes using some icing of your choice, or a bit of apricot jam.


  1. Thanks for coming along to the picnic! These cupcakes were so cute! I loved the elf ears the most :)

  2. your cupcakes were so awesome dude! thanks for coming to the picnic!

  3. Great recap KayB. Sorry we didn't get to chat on the day, but I did admire your cute little cupcakes! Hope we get a chance to say "hi" at the next picnic.

  4. It was awesome meeting you at the picnic!!! You're cupcakes were amazing. :) look forward to following your blog and seeing ya around =) titanic hats for the win ;) wish I brought one :( I'm now burnt lol

  5. Hello! So you are the creative chef behind those cute choc-cakes!

    Didn't get around to meeting you, but hope to meet you at the next meet!

    anddddd Thank you for contributing a photo worthy dish! :)

    x Clar

  6. Hey Kimberly thats awsome cup cake and it was nice meeting you on Saturday, how's the mango going? need someone to share ;)

  7. Hi Kimberly! It was great to meet you on Saturday. Oh, so that's how you make 'em. I'll try copying your cupcake recipe at home. :)

  8. Kimberly! It was great to meet you =) I knew I was bad with names but it really is appaling that I forgot who made those adorable cake toppers! =( Hope to see u again in the near future =)

  9. Hey ! It was nice meeting you at the picnic! I tried one of these cupcakes! While.. (sadly) destroying and munching away their cute faces, but they were delicious! So no regrets in demolishing their faces off!

  10. These were too cute to eat!!

  11. oh those cupcakes were the cutest! I fully intended to go on Saturday but term finished the day before and I was completely dead to the world :( such bad timing! Hope to see you again at another event soon :)