Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nina's apple and cinnamon cake

Today is my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday. A happy birthday to Nina! When I presented her with this birthday present cake she said ‘Wow! I’ve never had a cake with my name on it before!’ I didn’t tell her that the name took me the most amount of effort with this cake, but clearly worth it. I’ve never been able to pipe, I’m all about the fondant when it comes to cake decorating (I know I’ve said it before, but it’s just like play-doh! Seriously.) Last week I had my first cake decorating lesson where we watched our teacher make the perfect royal icing and she also demonstrated a few basic piping techniques. Seems I came away from that lesson with more than I realised. I was determined to get Nina’s name right, and after a few practices on some baking paper I went for it! Three attempts later and plenty of paper towel to wipe away the mistakes I ended up with that fantastic reaction from my mother-in-law!

The cake is a low fat apple and cinnamon cake, recipe developed especially for Nina. For a low fat cake it was very tasty! And very, very moist! I think I may have put in too much apple sauce, but after a few adjustments and another test run this weekend I feel that the recipe will be blog ready.

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