Friday, June 4, 2010

Bankstown - Part two. Sindbad Bakery

We all do it. And we all love it. If you haven’t managed to suck down all of that greasy pizza for dinner, you’re gonna pop it in the fridge and save it for breakfast tomorrow. Because it tastes better the next day. I once heard a rumour that Pizza Hut were going to bring out a line of cold pizza, just for the not-so-niche market of breakfast pizza lovers.

And because Pizza Hut won’t give you a breakfast option, I’m going to show you one (and the ‘cold pizza’ is yet to be release by the fast food giant).

When in Bankstown, get yourself to a Lebanese Bakery for some Lebanese Pizza. I don’t care which one. Anyone. Just get there. Soon. Got it? Good.

Here is my favourite, Sindbad Bakery. The Boy introduced me to the Lebanese pizza, traditionally called Man'oushe or Mankoushe. It is eaten for breakfast accompanied by strong Lebanese coffee. Basically it is a Lebanese flatbread, cooked at extremely high temperatures with a variety of toppings including ground beef, cheese and za’atar or oregano. And it is super cheap. And tastes amazing.

On this cold, raining Sydney morning The Boy and I opt for a variety of take away pizzas to share.
(Clockwise from top left) This is how you are supposed to eat the pizza. No slices here, just folded over to hold in all the tasty-ness. Get ready, steady aaaannnnnd.. EAT IT! But that’s no fun for photos so let’s pull ‘em apart! First off the rank is the simply named Meat (Lrg $4), this is ground beef, tomato, onion and a variety of herbs and spices. Then we have the Cheese (Lrg $4), we’re told this is haloumi but I don’t find it as salty and chewy. We think it could be a mix as the cheese is stringy like mozzarella. Last is the Oregano (Lrg $1.50), also known as za’atar. This is a herb mix made up of dried herbs including oregano and thyme, with a smattering of sumac. The Sumac is a dried berry which adds a very tangy lemon flavour to the mix. Must eat this one with coffee. 

For the grand total of $9.50 we have breakfast for two people. Now we fold ‘em back up and whack ‘em in your gob, wash it down with a coffee or tea. Breakfast of champions. Or will you be sticking to your ‘cold pizza’?

Sindbad Bakery

Shop 4, 2-10 Restwell Street
Bankstown NSW 2200
(02) 9796 3165


  1. its the best cure for a hangover lebenese pizza.

  2. Hummmmmmmm.. I tried it once 10 years ago and I became addicted to it so I buy it every time I have the opportunity to be nearby the shop. It is more than delicious!!!! and much better than the Italian pizza!!!
    I visited Lebanon three years ago and had the opportunity to taste Lebanese food.It is the best food you can eat... Even better than French Kitchen....
    I advise everyone to taste it.. It is like all Lebanese food, so delicious...........