Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first wedding cake. Congratulations Nads and Robdog!

I love weddings. The dancing, the food, the copious amounts of alcohol. Oh, and not to mention all the love. So much love! Last weekend my SIL married her prince charming. The weather was perfect, the dress was perfect, the location was perfect, the food was perfect and the wedding cake.. well, it turned out alright! :)
You may remember when I had the pleasure of making Nads and Robdog a French inspired engagement cake. A memorable experience, to say the least. The wedding cake, thankfully, was less eventful. But that’s not to say there wasn't a few bumps along the way. Namely an exploding bowl of ganache. Yeah, that was heaps fun to clean up. My bad. 

We start our wedding cake adventure two weeks out from the wedding day. The bride requested all mudcake, and luckily I had recently perfected my super moist mudcake recipe!  I spent all day Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday night baking five separate cakes. The plan was to use the mudcake as the bonbonniere for all the guests, so there would have to be extra slab cakes made, because there was no way in hell I was making a five tier cake that was likely to sink and collapse into itself, knowing my luck! With that decided, three 14inch slab cakes were made. These would be delivered to the venue early so they could be pre cut and packaged, ready for guests to take home.
Now, that’s the guests taken care of. Next up, the bride and groom. A 10inch and an 8inch mudcake formed the display or ‘cutter’ cake. Cover it with white fondant and Bob’s your uncle!! You have a wedding cake! Almost.

Nads and Robdog had a black and purple theme throughout their wedding, and the invitations featured black lace and purple ribbon trim. Very pretty. Also very pretty on a wedding cake, FYI. 
I’d discussed ribbons and decorations with the bride and groom, and they were happy to leave the creative side of things up to me. So once the invitation arrived, I knew exactly how the cake would look. The display cake was dropped off at the venue in the morning with the slab cakes, and I was able to come back and set up it in between the ceremony and the reception. I had looked at a few bride and groom toppers, but I’ve found this to be such an old fashioned tradition. There really wasn’t anything nice available, everything was tacky and plastic unless you were willing to spend between $200 and $400 to get personalised toppers made. Instead, I stumbled across some sugar diamonds, which matched the diamontes featured on the wedding invitation perfectly.

The bride and her swag of bridesmaids spent, what I can only imagine to be an alcohol fueled weekend making gorgeous cake boxes which doubled as name tags for all the guests, which featured this little poem
It would be a big mistake
If you forget your cake
Please enjoy the flavour sensation
Thanks for sharing our special occasion
Nobody forgot their cake. And extra slices of cake from the display cake were put out for guests to have with coffee. The bonbonniere cake boxes were a perfect idea. When catching up with family and friends the next morning, everyone exclaimed ‘Oh KayB! I just had your cake for breakfast! Amazing’. Haha, oh to live in a world where everyone eats cake for breakfast. Living the dream guys, living the dream.

So, here are all the statistics. Along with a heart attack, this cake (all five of them) includes;
1.2kg milk chocolate
2.4kg dark chocolate
2.3kg butter
3kg flour
5kg castor sugar
36 eggs
1.2 L cream
1.2 L buttermilk
Things destroyed during the making of this cake include;
1 extra large glass bowl
1 batch of dark chocolate ganache
1 index finger
18 tea towels
The amount of people who enjoyed a KayB’s cake;
Approximately 108. And a very happy bride and groom. Which are the only people who matter!

Congratulations Nadia and Rob. I’m so happy I could help out with your wedding. Looking forward to making you both lots more cakes for lots more special occasions in your future!


  1. WOW!!!! Thats insane!! I have yet to even TRY to cover a cake in fondant so im very impressed with how your cake turned out. Well done :)

  2. That looks fantastic, well done! Wish i was having that for breakfast :)

  3. Wow, you did a magnificent job! What a challenge but you rose to it beautifully! :)

  4. beautiful cake dude! heh i want to hear more about the exploding ganache! hope you weren't injured!