Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frisky Friday - Our first ever! And the Angry Birds Playable Cake.

G’day Chooks.

As I have mentioned in my recent posts, I have been without a working camera for some time. I am (not so) secretly longing for an SLR to call my own, but as someone who knows nothing about giant, high powered cameras I am yet to delve in that deep (help please?).

Last week was my birthday. I turned 19.. again.. for the 5th time! ;) I got spoilt, most notably by my boyfriend, Michael with the gifting of a brand new digital cannon. Hip hip hurray! Finally, I can blog properly without feeling like I’m looking at photos through a haze or without my glasses on!

It’s also interesting to note that a mere 4 days after I received this teeny, tiny camera, my beloved one year old MacBook died. Her hard drive just stopped driving and decided to take the graphics card with it. I was absoultly gutted! The wonderful Sneh and Sugarpuffi sent hugs and support my way, but unfortunately a few personal things such as photos were not backed up and hence lost into the ether. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw but with less expensive and fashionable shoes.

All my sob stories aside, I am now back online and ready for action! To celebrate, I thought I would introduce a new weekly post. My personal mantra for this blog is to focus in on, and spread the love of pretty food (..because we all like to eat food that looks good!). And being included as part of the fabulous Sydney food blogging community, I’ve been readily exposed to the most amazing, gorgeous, fun, sexy, adventurous foods that you could ever imagine. Now I plan on spreading these amazing finds onto you all.

Without further adu, I welcome you all to ‘Frisky Friday!’ Where I will gather up all the beautiful, luxurious, sexy foodie finds I have come across during the week.To kick us off I present to you 'Angry Birds The Cake' - possibly the most addictive game out there? Besides paper toss, obviously. Well, may I present possibly the most addictive cake out there. I have so many things I want to say about this cake, but I think I should just leave you all to watch the video and enjoy. Ahhhh, to be six again...


And here is the rest of the fun stuff, the extras, the bips and bops of it all;

Flaming fruit on alcoholic drinks!

A cookie, stuffed with.. ANOTHER cookie.

World Nutella Day means you can eat nutella and bacon. Together. Seriously.

Now I'd like to wash down that nutella/bacon goodness with a cocktail. Lucky I got me a bottle of Bacon Bourbon handy.

Oh, Don Draper. I could just eat you up. Literally. Mad Men Cupcakes!!

Be still, my beating heart.. Cake batter pancakes. 


  1. Yay for cool birthday presents from boyfriends! Nay for technology failing!
    Yay for cool food finds!


  2. heh that angry birds cake is so awesome

  3. Ooo - I just bought myself a Canon G11 and I love it. I was too scared of DSLRs, but this is great and small enough for my handbag.

    I love the cookie stuffed with another cookie.

  4. Happy Birthday Kay! And what a lovely present too. That Angry Birds cake is so clever :D Thanks for the shoutout too! x