Friday, March 11, 2011

Frisky Friday - Kiss me, I'm Irish!

But seriously, show me some lovin'! St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and every year I celebrate at the local Irish pub near my work, eating Guinness Pie with mash and drinking several pints of Guinness. Oh and also avoiding all serious work by devoting myself to making countless origami clovers. Good day! My Mother's ancestors came out from Ireland some many years ago, but if you need any more proof of my Irish blood then check this out..

AHHH IT'S MY LITTLE BRO AND HE HAS RED HAIR! (Oh, hay there JayB! You're on my blog! It's cause you're attractive, like me). 

"Tee Har Tee Har Tee Har, Don't touch me lucky charms!" That's the sound a leprechaun makes, right? Ok. Enough with the red hair/leprechaun racism. 

So, do you celebrate St Pat's Day by eating and drinking yourself stupid? Or do you have another holiday that is all consuming of your energy (and Christmas doesn't count, cause I'm pretty sure it's actually law in most states now to eat heaps of food on Chrissy!). 

You've probably figured out by now that this week's Frisky Friday is going to comprise solely of Irish treats. And you would be correct. Congratulations. Please have this pot of gold as a prize. And by pot of gold I actually mean awesome links to rad food. Enjoy!

Pretty sure we need to make more pies, especially the variety with booze in them. Like this Irish Cream Pie
I HEART WHOOPIE PIES, particularly pretty coloured ones
Again, booze in baked treats. Guinness in cupcakes. I'm sold.
Ahhh more leprechaun jokes. And gold cake balls. Told you there'd be a prize pot full of gold!
The perfect St Pat's Day milkshake. It's also on the healthy side of the spectrum. You're gonna need that after all of the above!
Green Pancakes! But no more artificial colouring cause my head is actually about to explode. These have spinach, instead! Nom nom nom nom.

Happy St Patrick's day, y'all! x 

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