Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The revival of KayBs Cakes.

Hey friends! Hope you all had a wicked christmas and new years. 

As you can see, there has been a significant drop in my blogging of late. Sorry dudes. But I’m back to sweep away the cobwebs and fire this baby back up. I thought I’d kick off the revival with an explanation for my absence. I’ve debated over whether or not to publish this post for a little while now, and if you feel like clicking away and checking your facebook or twitter instead of reading on, I will not be offended whatsoever. 

The main reason why I haven't been blogging is that I’ve recently converted to a paleo way  of life. Basically, I’ve been living like a caveman. If you haven't heard of Paleo before, in a nutshell, Paleo eating involves nothing processed; no grains, no wheat, no legumes, no dairy, no processed fats. It involves eating only whole foods; fresh organic veggies, fruit, meat, nuts, seeds and natural fats like coconut and pure olive oil. As a result, sugar, flour and all those wonderful things that go into cakes and cookies have been banned from my home. Hence the lack of KayB’s Cakes.

It’s a big change and there have been many factors behind this decision, but the main push came when I was diagnosed with a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, also known as HS disease. HS is a chronic condition that attacks the sweat glands and surrounding skin causing tracks, pussy lumps, bumps and scaring. It’s painful, gross and extremely uncomfortable. Thankfully, my condition is confined to my right arm only. Unfortunately, it is at stage 3, for which I recently underwent surgery which was supposed to put me into remission but hasn't worked as planned. 

Very little is known about HS disease as it only affects a very small portion of the population, mostly female. I’ve been sent to various doctors and specialists over the last 3 months, while also relying on my own research to try and find a suitable way to slow the disease and gain some relief. The next few months will be a combination of medication, tests, scans and new doctors. Some studies indicate that HS is an autoimmune disease and I’ve found some great resources that indicate diet has a large impact on flare ups. Enter the paleo meals. 

So there you have it. As you can imagine, I really haven't been motivate or energetic enough to tackle any big cake projects recently. But I’ve been feeling really great lately, and even though I do have slip ups (oh, chocolate and booze - hey, I’m only human!) I know the paleo life is working and I intend to make this a lifestyle change for the good. I’m really keen to keep this blog up to date and feature plenty of paleo friendly recipes. I’m still baking every other week (recently perfected my paleo banana muffin recipe!) and cant wait to share all my healthy tips and tricks with you all. And don't worry, the big, sugary, cream covered cakes and tutorials will make a return.. but I wont be the one eating them! 

Thanks for reading, kids. If you want to email me to ask about paleo or HS, please please please feel free. Big love.


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