Saturday, June 20, 2009

Greetings from foreign locations..

Ok not really foreign. Some might think the shire is a country in itself (*cough* my boyfriend *cough cough*) But it aint that far from my current standing location. House sitting for my future sister-in -law in Miranda means baking in foreign surroundings. (note to self: cake tins will make great xmas presents for SIL). The good news is that for the next three weeks I’m located within walking distance to my ‘local’ cake decorating supplies store! Hurrah!

Anyway, continuing on with caking adventures. Make way for HAMBURGER CUPCAKES. This could be the most confusing eating experience of your life.. well apparently it was for a few of my friends, “I’m confused? Do I want cake or cheeseburger?”. Ha!


I like easy projects and again, this is super dooper easy. Yellow cupcakes cut in half to make the bun. Chocolate cupcake for the beef patty (though I have recently seen them make with brownies.. mmm yum), and coloured butter cream for the lettuce, tomato and mustard! (second tip: you can also use shredded coconut coloured green with liquid food colouring for lettuce).

Aside from cupcakes, I am a huge fan of fun t-shirts. Namely, threadless t-shirts (thanks Lauren for the introduction to the wonderful world of threadless! May be the greatest gift you've ever given me). They are the coolest shirts out, average Joes like you an me submit designs, members vote on the designs and if they are good enough, they get printed! You can check em out here..

Ok so what does this have to do with cake, I hear you ask. The time has comes for the second ever threadcakes competition!! Pick your fav threadless shirt, make it into a cake, and enter to win amazing prizes! My only problem is picking which shirts to use as inspiration! (let me know if you have any requests!). For further inspiration, check out the threadcakes site here and stay tuned for cool, threadless inspired cakes!


  1. OMG, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    and threadless

    I counted all my threadless shirts...I have 26...I have an addiction

  2. Wow KayB your so awesome!
    Any chance that you could bake a cake with snooker balls on it and post it to this blog?
    Or maybe the Dell?