Saturday, June 27, 2009

Itchy baking fingers..

Gahhh! I haven't baked in a few weeks and I'm feeling a little anxious.. Lack of baking equipment at my current location is proving difficult. Walking past the baking isle in the supper market today nearly killed me! But tomorrow I'm hitting up the local shopping centre and going to town on some cheap baking tins - relief is coming! 

Recently, my good ol' Grandpa turned the ripe old age of 82! Grandpa Charlie is a racing fanatic! That's probably an understatement. They call him 'the burglar' at the race meets - cause he takes all their money - or so he tells us. 

Without even having to ask, my Dad knew I would be making a 'horse' cake of some description. Trusty google showed me a few different options, but I decided to attempt my first ever marzipan cake topper! Fun times. Seriously, its like play-doh for adults. Except it tastes better - mind you, I really liked the taste of play-doh as a kid, salty as it was. (*face turning red, clearing throat*) ok, so back to the cake.

I made a yummy lemon and sour cream cake! It was soooo good! It had a mosit, mud cake consistenly, yet was light and citritusy. And the sour cream balenced it all out perfectly. 
As usual with my cakes, it is covered with fondant. I employed a new technique to colour the cake - sponging! Really easy (as my life motto states) - get some food colouring, dilute with a little clear alcohol, grab a paper towel, roll into a ball and sponge onto cake! Simple.
Along with the fondant are chocolate decorations - fence palings to be exact - to make the cake look more like a horse farm. 

And needless to say, my Grandpa was blown away. He still has the marzipan horse sitting in the living room! :)

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