Friday, March 4, 2011

Frisky Friday - The McGriddle is coming!!

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Super Size Me’ by Morgan Spurlock? It’s actually one of my favourite movies, I even used it for my HSC Drama studies. You may or may not remember Morgan discussing how “a pancake-wrapped creation..won my heart in Texas”. Well guess what. After much anticipation (and protesting by all of the 35 facebook fans who support ‘Bring the McGriddle to Australia') the McGriddle is coming late 2011!!! (according to Wikipedia).

Apologies if I’m way behind the times and you all knew that this was happening, but I only just found out today that McGriddle was on its way to our shores. And I’m excited. Let me paint you a picture. Image heading to McDonalds and not knowing what to get for breakfast. You’re torn between a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and the Hotcakes (perhaps you like your hot cakes decked out with ice cream and apple pies, I ain’t judging!). McMuffin, hotcakes, McMuffin, hotcakes. Now you can have them both, rolled into one!!!!! It’s frickin genius. Sausage, egg, cheese smooched together with two maple flavoured pancakes. Get ready, people. Get ready.

And now to bring myself down from this sugar/fat induced high, here are this week’s bips and bops;

• Blondes DO have more fun. I should know, last 12 months of my life have been blonde. Now I have Blonde Rocky Road to go with my super cute pixie blonde do.

• Last week I went to a music festival and I DIDN’T have a corndog. So now I’m making my own! Mwahahahaha deep fried goodness.

• Need some lunch time inspiration? Scanwich is my new fav site, dissecting the almighty sandwich from the inside out.

• Following on the Micky D’s theme, you gotta have the real thing French Fries.

Catch ya'll next week!


  1. Mc Griddles..... om nom nom nom

  2. teehee i for one cannot wait for the mc griddle! and i heart scanwich!

  3. i think im wayy more behind the times than you...this is the first time i heard about McGriddle! Def something to look fwd to later this year ;)

  4. do u think it would come with the awesome logo on the bun for the aussie version?

  5. I remember having a McGriddle in Hawaii and not loving it - a little too greasy for my brekky liking.

  6. do you think if bought three mcgriddles i could get some sort of deal on 4 hash browns ?