Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Guide to Meal Plans

I hate wasting food. It's my biggest pet hate. It's such a waste. I'd much rather make lots of little visits to the supermarket to make sure I use everything in the fridge, than do one big shop and have to throw out spoiled food. 

Let's talk about meal plans. Sounds boring right? I know. And it is boring to some. But it's actually one of my fav things to do. I get excited when I discover new recipes to try out and include in my plan. Meal plans help me stay on track with my eating, plus I can make an ingredients/shopping list which means I only buy what I need and nothing goes to waste. AND you save money. It's a win win. Duh. Hurray!! 

I do my fruit and veggie shopping on Wednesday at the local produce markets near my work, so my meal plan starts mid week. I'm obvs also reeeeeeeally boring when it comes to 
breakfast. I'm not a morning person. I'd rather sleep than eat.

I don't always stick to my plan, sometimes I feel like chicken when my plan tells me I'm supposed to have lamb, but I will always have a bunch of ingredients for meals in the fridge ready to go. So I can chop and change depending on what I want. I also do my best to include any meals where I will be eating out so I don't over shop. 

Here's a snap shot into a week in my belly. Enjoy! 

 Egg and Bacon muffin
Leftover chicken
Pesto Burgers
  Egg and Bacon muffin
Leftover pesto burgers
Eating out 
 Granola, almond milk and fruit
Frozen soup
 Bacon, Eggs and avocado
 Wing it
Eating out
 Eating out
 Wing it
  Granola, almond milk and fruit
Left over frittata
Baked chicken & sweet potato
   Egg and Bacon muffin
Leftover chicken salad
Lamb & stuffed zucchini
   Egg and Bacon muffin
Pumpkin & carrot soup
Pesto Burgers?

Shopping List
Basil, raw cashews, iceberg lettuce, mixed lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado, sweet potato, lemons/limes, cauliflower, capsicum, zucchini, Olive oil, bacon, steak, salami, cheese, pizza bases, mince x 2, chicken, lamb, eggs, almonds. 

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