Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gigantic almond & strawberry cake with caramel sauce.

Just a regular Saturday in my household. Cook books at the ready.. steady now.. aaaannnnddd.. BAKE!

Dad and I love a good ol' fashioned bake-off. Similar to your usual dance off or walk off, but with baking. It all started with a mini foods bake-off on NRL Grand Final day.. there were homemade party pies and sausage rolls everywhere!

This weekend is totally devoted to deserts, because it's my Grandpa's birthday and he looooovvveeess sweets. Feels like only yesterday I was making my Grandpa a Fondant Horse cake for his last birthday.

I was in charge of the birthday cake, while Dad made a batch of his killer oatmeal cookies and caramel slice (just a few of Grandpa's favourites!). 

(Jersey caramels + cream = caramel sauce! Winner!)

I had no idea what kind of cake to make. So I hit-up the ever trusty taste.com.au, did a quick search and found this - Almond cake with strawberries and caramel sauce. The first line of the description says "If you've got a special occasion to celebrate, then we've got the cake for you." Umm.. yeah I do have a special occasion to celebrate.. so clearly this cake really IS for ME!

This cake lived up to all the expectations. It actually went above and beyond.. but that's due mainly to my own ingenuity. The first cake didn't seem to rise very well. And, without ruining the ending for those who haven't read on, you need to slice this cake in half as to stuff in full of cream, strawberries and gooey caramel sauce. "Well, this just isn't going to make a satisfying celebratory cake", I thought to myself. "Never mind, I'll just bake another one". 

Well, turns on the first cake was big enough. And so, when I glued my two cakes together with cream and caramel, I ended with with a gigantic, humongous cake!
 Check it out, the cake is actually bigger than my Grandpa's head! WHOAAAH!
OK, nobody move or the cake will come tumbling down!

If you are game enough to take on the MONSTER CAKE you can find the recipe here.

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  1. lols monster cake looks awesome! can never have too much cake :D