Monday, November 15, 2010

7-Eleven Day. The best weekend ever. Part Two.

What’s your favourite holiday? Christmas? Your birthday? Halloween?
Mine is 7-Eleven day. Ok, not exactly a holiday. But it should be. I mean, it’s free slurpees.

It was on again, for young and old. An annual race around Sydney to devour as many free slurpees as humanly possible. The challenge. Beat last year’s total of 9 slurpees in a shorter time frame. This year, the almighty powers at 7-Eleven headquarters decided to put a time limit on the festivities. 7am til 2.11pm. For those of you playing at home, that is exactly 7 hours and 11 minutes. Bucket loads of time to hit up 10 different locations, right? Yeah, in theory it was. But in practice.. well..

I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t. I’ll give it to you straight, at the chance of hurting some feelings. This year we had a team of four people in my car. Miss Moon, BecFace, D-Gale and myself. Our story begins 12 hours earlier. Let’s move back to the previous day, shall we?
Saturday. Miss Moon was out for a night on the town with a male friend. Rad tunes and tasty beverages. Lots of tasty beverages. We all know what copious amounts of alcohol can do to you. We each have out limits. And sometimes when we hit that limit, we do silly things. But what’s silly about a playground? Nothing, you might say. Well, at 1am in the morning after many tasty beverages, apparently lots of things about a playground are silly. Including a flying fox. Upside down. Children, don’t attempt this at home. Miss Moon thought it would be fun to ride the flying fox upside down. It wasn’t. One busted shoulder later, followed by an emergency visit to the medical centre, and our quest for free slurpees was delayed several hours. I’d appreciated it if every single person who reads this would leave Miss Moon a heckling comment about her questionable decisions that night. Or, if you’ve done something even worse, let us know so we can make Miss Moon feel a bit better about her lapse in judgement. Moon, consider this your early birthday present. I love you. Ahem, ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way..
(Only 3 slurpees in and the team is already starting to lose focus)

We headed off at 11am.  3 hours and 11 minutes to hit up 10 locations. It was tough. We didn’t factor in getting lost (which happened approximately 2.5 times). We also didn’t factor in drinking time (some locations were less than 4 minutes apart, and the rules state that you must finish one slurpee before arriving at the next location, or you have to skull. Hello brain freeze!).

Speaking of brain freeze, I was the first solider down (shamefully, at the first location), followed closely by D-Gale. And this year the team would like to hand out some awards.
(D-Gale and Moon posing for photos. We're kinda famous at 7-Eleven)

First awards goes to ARNCLIFFE for
Best slurpee consistency.

Second award goes to MAROUBRA for
Most ineffective service.

Flavour of the year goes to
Kiwi Strawberry.

And the final verdict. Drum roll please..... we got 9 locations. Even with my manic driving, we didn’t get to 10 locations within the allotted time. We could have ‘cheated’ and grabbed two slurpees at the last location, but it just didn’t feel right.

The moral of the story. 7-Eleven people, please don’t put a limit on this glorious day. It just cripples the customers who love sluprees so much. Oh, and don’t hang upside down from a flying fox. Ever.

7-Eleven Stores 

7-Eleven Arncliffe
28 Princes Highway
7-Eleven Bexley
474 Forest Road
7-Eleven Caringbah
367 The Kingsway (Cnr. Willarong Road)
7-Eleven Cronulla
47 The Kingsway (Cnr. Gosport Street)
7-Eleven Maroubra
1 Meagher Avenue (Cnr. Malabar Road)
7-Eleven Matraville
515 Bunnerong Road
7-Eleven Narwee
161 Penshurst Road (Cnr. Hannans Road)
7-Eleven Penshurst
612 Forest Road (Cnr. George Street)
7-Eleven Ramsgate
368 Rocky Point Road


  1. FACT 1: I didn't really have enough tasty beverages to explain the stupid idea. Really.

  2. ohohoho i love flying foxes. and slurpees. and tasty beverages :D

  3. i had a kiwi slurpee on the w/e loved it :O)

  4. Brilliance. Love the commitment to the cause, even with the emergency room detour.

    (and, instead of heckling Miss Moon, I'm going to applaud her determination. It's one thing to have a bad idea whilst inebriated, but a whole other thing to go through with your plans when your friends are telling you not to.)

  5. Haha, what an adventure! Slurpees are awesome :-P