Monday, June 15, 2009

Bunny bunny bunny!

These are so frickin’ cute I just can’t stand it! And super doper easy to make.

With family coming over for Easter I wanted to do something special to celebrate. You probably know by now that I’m hoping to one day become the human equivalent of Google, so as usual I turned to the trusty search engine yet again to get some creative inspiration.

I found more than inspiration, I found a full tutorial! Natalia of ‘Nati’s cooking adventures’ blog made 63 of these little cuties for charity last year. You can find her tutorial here..

Along with the cute bunnies I also made a bunch of bee cupcakes too from a recipe I found in a kids party cake book. The cupcakes are a mix of vanilla and chocolate with buttercream and the body of the bee is a chocolate royal biscuit with white chocolate wings! Choc biscuit and cupcake together? Sooooo yummy!

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