Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy

Mumma’s birthday was actually five months ago. But I did make a cake. Obviously. Mummy just wanted a butter cake. No other requests. Simple.

Truth be told my 21st birthday was the following month and I was planning on using Mummy’s as a test. In my mind, my perfect 21st birthday cake was three tiers, all black. Crazy, I know (that will be my next post).

Mum didn’t want a black cake. Fair enough. But, the bigger the better – Mum got a two tier cake. When it comes to recipes, ideas, colours, etc Google is my saviour. And Google (plus some local library books, which I forgot to take back – oops) advised me that I needed to place my top cake tier on a cake board, which would sit on top of the wooden cake dowels that I place in the bottom tier.

Well I don’t exactly have a local cake supplies shop. The closest is at Miranda, which is about a half an hour drive from my place (ask my boyfriend and he’ll tell you it’s on the other side of the world!). So I got creative and made my own from chopsticks! Yes yes, chopsticks. Logic behind the chopsticks was; they are kinda made of wood (bamboo) and you use them to eat food with so clearly they are hygienic! And might I add they worked a treat! And are heaps cheaper! Two whole bucks for a pack of twenty! Simple.

Cake dowels – check. Cake board – check. Cake recipe – check. Simple, right? You’d think so, and honestly it was. The worst bit? I fell down eight stairs the night before I planned to embark on my second ever cake.

Three x-rays later, no broken bones just some torn ligaments, lots of swelling and bruises – not to mention my bruised ego. Note – instead of rushing to my aid after the fall, as my father did, Mummy proceeded to point and laugh. Seriously considered not bothering with the cake! But I persevered, hopping around the kitchen for two days on one leg to make this damn cake (shhh – don’t tell my boyfriend, I was supposed to be resting, ankle elevated! Oops!).

Voila. One butter cake with vanilla butter cream and marshmallow fondant. All the decorations are made from marshmallow fondant aswell, left out to dry for a few days before sticking to the cake with royal icing. Proving to the masses that women can do anything. Even with several torn ligaments.

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