Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..

21 is a milestone. Big party, lots of presents, even more booze and a big cake! Made by me, for myself. Happy birthday to me!

Can you already see the storm brewing on the horizon? It was a disaster. I bit off way too much to chew for my third cake attempt, all in the name of vain. Had to have the perfect cake, didn’t wanna pay someone else mega bucks for it when I can do it myself. Should have gone the mega bucks route..

(Brendan, my brother’s mate, felt the need to rub salt in the wounds by tormenting and heckling me while making the cake. This is me prior to snapping his neck. Kidding! Someone get me a beer.. please!)

Two tiers of mint mud cake and a third, top tier of butter cake with butter cream. Cake tasted good, but the bottom layer collapsed even before putting the second tier on top! WTF? Too much cake with too much chocolate icing! Mother and I conducted what we called at the time ‘cake surgery’.

(The ‘sweaty’ cake, just before it collapsed)

We got there in the end. Then came the black fondant.
I have since learned fondant is not the right type of icing to use if you require a deep colour, such as black. I ended up with grey fondant. So, how was I going to get it jet black? Paint it on! Brilliant! Again, I have since learned that you don’t mix water with food colouring if you’re going to paint it onto fondant, it won’t dry. Use a clear alcohol so it evaporates and dries. I ended up with a cake that looked like it was sweating!

(Still sweating.. but kinda looking like a cake. Maybe?)

To make do I chucked a heap of ribbon and fondant flowers all over it.. and from a distance it didn’t look too bad. I had my black cake, and I did get some lovely comments about it, but looking back it was an absolute disaster! And nobody ate it! That could have to do with the fact that my mum bought around 1.2 million profiteroles as well! Never mind.
I guess you would call it a good learning curve...

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